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January 02, 2006


makio yamazaki

I could listen to the podcasting in the IBM website,"How innovation can solve customer problems".
Innovation might be evaluated from the viewpoint of new value.
And then "How innovation can solve customer problems?"
I mean there would be the considerations that consumer tended to feel more value
for not only "services" but also "experiences" now.

*URL: http://www-306.ibm.com/e-business/ondemand/us/podcasts/berger_podcast.shtml

Egils Milbergs

I am in strong agreement with the importance of bolstering US investment in R&D and human capital. However as Irving Wladawsky-Berger points out our innovation framework must be more comprehensive if these innovation inputs are to generate economic outputs--innovation is ultimately about creating value for customers and society. The Ensign-Lieberman National Innovation Act begins an important redefinition of the Federal framework for innovation. The prospects for bi-partisan action are improving and President Bush is expected to address the innovation agenda in his the State of the Union address Tuesday. Concurrently with these policy initiatives attention needs to be given to accelerating private sector leadership in innovation—after all it is business that has the primary role in bringing new products and services to the marketplace. A key challenge is reducing barriers to industry-university-government collaboration and multidisciplinary problem-solving. These barriers are less of a federal policy problem and more in the domain of management, cultural, technological and organizational issues that can best be solved by the private sector. If more firms align their business models and strategies toward collaborative, open innovation then we can expect better results from legislation to boost government R&D investment and some terrific economic performance in the years ahead.

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