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February 20, 2021



Think crypto currency like any other currency in the world and need to allow it legally. To let anything go without legal support will actually end up helping more illegal stuff to happen.
Need of making such framework which can be easily governed is absolutely normal in the evolution cycle.

gregorio martin quetglas

Risk in Climate Change: “A convergence of digital technologies is driving the biggest ever transformation of assets from the physical to the digital - blockchain, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things”.
If unchecked, ICT trends (Data Centers, Netwoks, User devices) could drive exponential growth The trends are in fact interlinked. For example, IoT involves collecting more sensing data, requiring more data analytics and adding to the issue of big data, data science and AI, with the potential to further increase ICT’s emissions. Such growth trends will also be facilitated through innovations in the ICT infrastructure, e.g. the move from 4G to 5G cellular networks would enable faster, data-intensive network transmissions for IoT devices - allowing for even more sensing data to be collected and analysed for big data, data science and AI. If not restrained, these above trends all have potential to help drive further exponential growth, unlikely to be outweighed by the ICT-enabled carbon reductions in other sectors.

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