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October 18, 2010


Chris Ward

Back in the 1960's, you Americans landed a man on the moon. And got him back safely.

You're not doing it today. Is that because you don't want to (i.e. there is no strategic national reason to), or because you no longer have the capability to ?

And if you did want to, suddenly, how would you go about achieving it ?

It would take public resources and private resources, and it would touch on all the Categories you mention. It would be a fascinating thought experiment.

As well as the 'tactical efficiency' you describe above, there needs to be a strategic 'what are we trying to achienve' mind-set in the leadership.

The American Dream is still with us. I'm alive, free, and doing reasonably well in my personal pursuit of happiness, even if I do it as a loyal subject of Queen Elizabeth II rather than a Free-born Citizen of the USA.

Long may it remain so.

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