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February 13, 2017


Masoud Charkhabi

Impressive foresight from Palmirano. I wonder how the themes and trends described above relate to financial services. In many ways financial services have been constrained by the fallouts of the crisis, and hence much is being written about good days ahead for financial services. The fintech revolution looks to be a growth opportunity for FIs. Is it possible that FIs will escape the drawbacks described in the article?

Bud Byrd

I couldn't agree more with the insight and foresight of Mr. Palmisano especially that expressed in the last paragraph of your piece. Unfortunately, we in this country have elected a government with its mindset being the distant past. While industry may be looking at the next pivotal breakthrough in technology, I fear a new major initiative on re-establishing the buggy-whip industry is part of the current Administration's agenda?

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