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February 07, 2017



The acronym "AI" isn't defined earlier enough in your article. I assumed it meant "Artificial Intelligence" but you didn't translate that to your readers soon enough. While authors need to "trust their readers." trust me, even though I know what "AI" means, not everyone does.

Pasquale Di Cesare

Thank you for another great article on AI. I just read Nick Bostrom's Superintelligence, a hard-thinking book on the dangers that, even if you might consider them too speculative today, might become very real and, by the exponential nature of the technology, affecting us very fast. A good philosophical framework of thought to face the issues.

In addition, I agree with the previous comment but, to be fair, Irving is hyperlinking in the 3rd paragraph of the article to an AI article defining the term as Artificial Intelligence.

Masoud Charkhabi

It's fascinating how well history rhymes, and in many ways it is re-assuring. We've been able to guide similar disruptions to improve our lives and we will do the same with AI.
I work in finance and as a builder of machine learning into systems, I can see that so much of what my peers and colleagues do can be replaced with more efficient and consistent systems. I don't think they will be set aside though, rather, as the the article suggests, I think they will adapt.

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