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September 13, 2010


Charee Klimek

There is nothing more thrilling than to see this vision take shape on such a magnificently grand scale. Having been on the empowerment soapbox for a few years now, the major obstacle companies face is cross-functional collaboration among leadership.

In my opinion, there needs to be clear direction and decisive action by the CEO commissioning a core team to include the CMO, CHRO, CIO, PR, Internal Communications, Analysts, Learning & Development and everyone (literally) in between.

Silos and misalignment are barriers across functions, business segments, locations, not to mention brands, that add significantly to issue of fear and confusion around deployment.

Control plays a big role here in terms which business area should have majority rule. Hence why the CEO must drive and continue to push a collaboration. However, many CHRO's will argue, and for good reason, that as a Human Capital initiative at the core, it should be under their umbrella.

On the flip side you have Marketing who faces steep challenges with the customer experience when the answer is in plain sight: employees. The HERO's as advocates, the entire organization as brand and the brand as a business strategy.

To your critical point in reference to Solow, productivity couldn't be measured the way he may have envisioned in 1987 however today, through the addition of behavioral management as part of the overall performance system, it can be measured.

None of this will be easy. Believe me, I know. But then again anything worth reinventing or fighting for never is.

All my best to the team for a creatively charged and abundantly productive meeting on Tuesday.


Marjorie Madfis

I'mm looking forwared to the September 16 event. See you there!

Bilal Jaffery

For the folks who are unable to see you live, they are more than welcome to check out the livestream at http://www.ibm.com/social/northstar on Septh 16th.

Bilal Jaffery
Worldwide Social Media & Competitive Marketing Leader

Liam @ Product Creation

What worries me about social networking is that there is real business value to be had with face-to-face meetings.
The problem is working out where face-to-face meetings deliver the most value and where Web 2.0 contact does.

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