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September 06, 2010


Bud Byrd

I couldn't agree more with your theory / proposal that business, academia, government need to come together to build a workable plan for reducing the ranks of the unemployed. Unfortunately, in today's blame game America, I don't see that happening.

In 2008, we tried with the election of a consensus builder to run our country. Look at us now. It seems more likely that we will continue to be at one another's throats versus coming together in any meaningful way to build a better economy, a better society.

One thing that may come out of this current fiasco is that we will all begin to appreciate what it must have been like all these years (and continues to be for a growing number of people) for the rural poor and for the folks who had no other choice but to live in the high unemployment, ghetto conditions of many of our urban communities.

I have a deep concern for those experiencing negative family wealth ...near usury rate credit card bills, mortgages underwater, no money for rent, food, etc. How will they ever recover from negative wealth to zero wealth, much less build for themselves and their families a prosperous future?

With government and private programs shrinking or disappearing completely, with the cost of education increasing much faster than inflation, how will the less affluent take advantage of educational opportunities to pull themselves and their families out of their personal depression?

With diminished demand precipitated by the growing negative wealth of the middle class, how will companies, seeing reduced or flattened demand, continue to grow, prosper and hire additional people? How?

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