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December 14, 2009


Chris Ward


You're in a fairly privileged position in that you can 'test-drive' a number of brands of IBM 'Cloud Computer'. There's the recently-announced 'Solution Z' built out of System/Z with SLES/RHEL Linux; a number of Power6/Power7 servers which are quite capable; hardware built out of Blade Servers with Intel processors; and the one I develop, http://www.kaust.edu.sa/research/labs/supercomputing.html and successors. And there might be some more.

It feels as if 'cloud computing' at the moment is mostly the business of running seminars, selling hotel rooms, and so on; not really the business of developing, qualifying, manufacturing, selling-and-servicing the hardware; and coming up with the valuable software that turns 'hardware' into 'solution'

Would you consider taking a tour around the world that exists 'behind the IBM badgelock', and reporting on what's for sale ?

Customers can start doing all this today. I'm not sure that they all realise it.

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