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December 21, 2009


Gordon Haff

It's hard to appreciate today how alien even many of the simple things that Julia Child taught on her show (such as simply and lightly cooking vegetables) was to much of the American mainstream at the time. And one of the reasons a lot of what she did seems pretty elementary and commonsensical is because she did make so many things change.

Sanjeev W

Irving - your blogs are engaging and inspire one to think and reflect on the many possibilities - in other words "open the mind". I look forward to them every week. Thank you.

Wei Zhang

Inspiring comparison between good cooking and open mind! I believe everything existing has its own beauty. Sometimes we are just too confident, or maybe too insecure, paradoxically, to appreciate something we feel heterogenous. I agree that the first step to innovation is to keep open-minded and explore the beauty of the unknown.

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