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October 21, 2019


Tom Grey

Where are the metrics? I now claim that there is some ratio of
income of the top 1%
income of the top 10%
income of the median 50%
income of bottom 20%. (All after tax)

The tax system should be such that the top 1% / median 50% income is trending down. The fact that it is trending up is the inequality gap getting wider.

OECD countries need companies creating more jobs, in quantity, more than they need worker role changes, like having a board member. The corporate tax system should be rewarding companies that are creating more jobs with more tax reductions, and shifting higher corporate tax burdens on those companies which are NOT creating more jobs.

Especially those companies NOT creating jobs with high CEO salaries.

We need metrics and measures and policies which reward good improvement in the metrics.

OECD gov'ts should also have voluntary National Service to offer everybody a job, at a low wage. Part of the job could/would be attendance and performance in training.

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