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June 03, 2019


Urs Gubser

Hi Irving,

It's an excellent summary. Really intriguing - but I have to wonder about one thing: how do we actually measure productivity these days? Because I would argue that in the age where we have new business models (platforms etc.), one can no longer use the "legacy" model of how much output we create. Hence, while I agree with the points about your productivity improves with age, I'm not sure that is the right measurement or rather that you can accurately measure it. Thoughts?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Urs, excellent point. There has been good research on the impact of new digital business models on the economy and organizations. I just wrote about one such research project a couple of weeks ago - https://blog.irvingwb.com/blog/2019/05/a-novel-method-for-measuring-the-value-of-free-digital-services.html

But, I have not seen similar research on legacy versus new digital models of personal productivity other than the proper use of digital tools. There has been quite a bit written about multi-tasking, being distracted, etc, but I have not seen evaluations on the difference this makes on real personal productivity.

Nigel Dessau

I think there is a flip coming that may change some of this. Too many providers of productivity are looking for people to use their unique digital experience. Their tools. Their apps. What I have seen is that we all define our own digital lives and those services we use most are those that integrate into our digital lives rather than expect us to integrate into theirs. The exceptions to this maybe the base tools we use like facebook or google. Still, unless you are one of these top top tier providers, the best advice for companies seems to be integrate into the consumers digital life, don’t expect them to integrate into yours.

gregorio martin quetglas

The debate you has proposed during the last two weeks is very interesting. Only a semantic problem: What exactly does personal productivity mean? (not only for white collar jobs).
I believe that a clarification, far from the language of the economists and its GDP of the post WWII, can help to glimpse the authentic importance of Digitization.

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