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September 26, 2016



Very Interesting -- I always enjoy reading your blog.

T. Robin Cole, III

We have made our bed. With voracious governments at a federal level, at a state level, at a county level, and at a city level -- starving for increased receipts, bound and determined to spend, spend, spend; we stagnate. Each government holds overwhelming power to take money from the private sector, depleting and weakening it, and then universally to spend the money inefficiently. Our private sector staggers under this ever-increasing weight of taxation, and we stand looking, blinking in amazement at the obvious (tax reduction) and won't try it because of the dietary consequences government would be compelled to follow. We know reduced government spending advances economic efficiency. Yet wallow as we do in our persistent economic stagnation, we hesitate, reluctant to reduce taxes and government spending. Until we develop the will to surmount this challenge, we cannot expect a different outcome, no matter how hard we pound our heads against it.

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