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April 15, 2014


Howard Richmond

The S/360 was and is a testament to the vision and willingness to back that vision to the hilt by Tom Watson Jr. and the leadership at IBM. The mainframe and its operating system is an amazing credit to all the IBMrs who have worked on it over the years. Thanks Irving for so nicely capturing the memories
Howard Richmond

guy harrison

Irving I remember the move to CMOS and all the great people who worked so hard and long to get that done - with no change to user code. A great job and great support from Nick -
Guy Harrison

Bud Byrd

Nostalgia ...aw, if we could recapture our youth. I was hired 9.16.63 just in time for the April 64, 360 announcement. Great to hear that the architecture continues to flourish, recapture its youth, and grow in use and stature ...unlike some of us, not showing its age at all.

Bud Byrd

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