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September 17, 2012



Fascinating discussion on the evolution of Servers into Enterprise Servers and why the mainframe --- which started it all --- may well be even more relevant to a client's business than ever before.

As always, thanks for the insight and clarity!!! (And, on a personal note, I really do apologize for the Mets this year!)


Well..... www.z390.org emulates a System/Z z186 on any J2Se platform or greater, x86/x64,,,, Win/Linux/Mac via Emulation in JAVA,,,, PC, Tablet, Server, Cloud.. Rewrite IBM HLASM, Never Run it as IS, w/ a Little Modification here and there,,, over 52,000+ downloads so far...

Migrate your HLASM/Assembler to the CLOUD,,,, 100% Free,,, 100% Open
Source.... www.z390.org is sort of like the Missing Link....

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