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January 28, 2013



This is an excellent thought. It is important to difine what innovation means. I guess Mr Gordon refers to innovation which can make a change in stimulating job creation, and it is clear that under the industrial revolution the inventions of a few changed the lives of all us, drove consumption up which also propper up job creation because we wanted to "have and hold" things. This is now what is happening in emerging economies: their inhabitants now want to pave their piece of the cake. The new knowledge society and associated innovation does not itself create net jobs (losses minus new ones), but lay the foundations to "individual connected thinking" which can be extremely rich in driving innovation with a less spectacular sense of success in identyfying one or a few single recipes of new job creation through innovation. But small job creations enterprises begin to abound in myriads. Question is how long the society in general, not just the digital natives, will begin to benefit and push up this trend

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