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March 12, 2012


Bud Byrd

I find it remarkable that a person can read a blog and maintain any level of passivity. The writings of others triggers thought, emotions, doesn't it?

I don't recall reading anything, save maybe a television remote control users manual, the assembly instructions for a new toy, the list of side-effects on the new drug prescribed by my doctor, that fails to trigger my brain to respond. On second thought, even the reading material listed above triggers the mind and especially an emotional reflex.

Blogs especially, generate in me the urge to join-in, to be a part of the conversation ...at least that is my response.

I retired ten years prior to your retirement date. For the first seven, I and ten others worked as consultants to the business community. We worked to pick up some of the crumbs left by the likes of IBM, Price Waterhouse, Anderson and others. During that time, I began to blog, both as an active poster of my own blog, but more commonly as a commentator on the blogs of others.

Since my second retirement from the consulting business, reading and a feeble attempt at my own writing are two of the driving forces of my life (golf is another). Blogging provides a convenient, non-restrictive channel to publish whatever and whenever (not nearly as disciplined as you) I chose to write. With our current Internet capabilities, I wonder how those of us with the urge to author survived before this marvel of the inventiveness of mankind was available to us.

While always free with my personal blog opinions, I found it especially gratifying to participate in the eclectic blogging of others. In commenting, I found a way to participate in the wide array of the knowledge and experiences of others. Seldom was I an expert on the content of other peoples' writings, but that was one of the major benefits. I was able to interact, frequently showing my limitations but through the interaction with others learn things that I had not known. Blogging, whether passive or active and when done in a serious way, is one of the better sources of continuing education.

As I have said many times in the past I am thankful for the effort that you undertake in creating your weekly blogs. While I do not always comment on what you write, I do read all that you produce. I very much respect the breadth and depth of thought that you demonstrate in the variety and content of your writing subjects.


Standout blogs such as yours make the fury and folly of the greater web tolerable, being the sense amongst the nonsense. Separately, they are islands of discovery and wisdom. Collectively, they reconvene the round table, bringing back a bit of Camelot.

[this Latin School alum says not bad for a U High guy :)!!]

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