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March 05, 2012


Hank Bennett

Great post, Irving! I, too, have tried to live my life by the Golden rule, sometimes successfully, sometimes not, but I keep on trying my best!


irving, it's high time to read Yeshayahou Leibowitz again, about the status of women in our religion. Obviously, some people take the wrong direction.

Joanne Martin

Hi Irving. I love your post. I don't know if the following story is true...I heard it some time ago and it seemed 'right'. The story is that when Golda Meir was PM, there was a particularly difficult period in which there were many assaults on women. The Parliament pondered the situation and concluded that there should be a curfew for women, to prevent future occurrences. But, Meir retorted that a more appropriate curfew would be on men...since they were the people causing the problem. Sounds like sanity in government thinking to me.

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