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October 11, 2010



You talk lot about IBM and technology; what are your thoughts as it relates to consumer packaged goods where its existing techologies are the equivalent of large/expensive manufacturing plants that do not have the flexibility of the technology you have been referencing.

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A. Montalvo

I believe that entrepreneurship is agnostic of the size of the organization. I would like to hear your thoughts around innovation coming from developing countries. It seems that innovation is mostly generated in developed countries and developing countries play "adapt and catch up". Do you see any signs of changes around this?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The days when innovation came mostly from developing countries are over. There are an increasing number of entrepreneurs and innovators in emerging economies all over the world, and we can expect that more and more great new ideas and products will come from them.

For example, the "Four Asian Tigers"- Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea, - transformed themselves over the past few decades from emerging to industrialized economies, developing all kinds of innovative products and services. I expect a similar path toward innovation with quite a number of today's emerging economies.

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it was clear that we had developed the right strategy and had given our customer the right advice...by the way good post..^_^

Saravanan Thangadurai

Really interesting to here continuous innovation is the soul of long standing companies. Good teaching for struggling giants..!

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