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August 16, 2010


Eleazar | Entrepinoy Bank

Even in this Internet age where the news delivered not only in traditional media but also in cyberspace, real news and real views should always prevail.

Tom Foremski

Good article. I think about journalism and its future a lot. I see journalism as helping opur communities and individuals tell their stories and to communicate those stories to a broader audience. It is so easy to get siloed in our own small worlds not knowing what goes on next door. And now our technologies make it easier than ever for us to "preach to the choir" and have a blinkered view of the world where we communicate with like-minded people all the time.

One key role for journalists is to help us know more abut each other so that we aren't strange to each other. And that will contribute to a better society, imho.

Ted Nelson said that as fish live in water we live in media. People often cry that the media is dying but that is not true, we now have more media in more forms, at any time of the day than ever in our history. And there is more coming, a veritable media tsunami. How will that change us?

Media is the way our society "thinks." And just as in software engineering we have "garbage in, garbage out," a high quality media will help us make the right decisions. And there are many important decisions to be made, individual and as a society: education, environment, economy, ecology, energy, elder care ... and those are just the ones that start with "e" there are plenty more!

Garbage media will lead to bad decisions which is why figuring a way to pay for quality media/quality journalism is very important. I look at it as one of *the* most important and most challenging problems that we face today.


Thanks for the Shirley Sherrod Story. This is an excellent example of how thwarting communication and polarizing an emotive subject can lead to irresponsible journalism. In fact , this is precisely the reason why we must view everything we read and watch with a grain of salt as a journalist may ulterior motives for presenting an article or a program with certain biases.

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