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August 09, 2010


Yuriko Sawatani

I recently read a book about evolutionary economic theory, which was quite interesting. If the world is evolving continuously, then new jobs will be created, and selected in a society. So these changes would be natural movement, which we do not need to worry about too much.

I am also thinking about the change from service/information oriented society to experience/justice oriented one. Even the job gives a lot of money, but people will select one which they think that is interesting, good to spend a time on. New jobs are created based on our selection. : )

Anna Smith

I recently watched the movie 'Food, Inc.' and started thinking about the huge shift in agriculture from men to machines. I want to believe that the milk I drink still comes from cows 'who' live on a pasture and eat grass, but things have changed. Anyway, I enjoyed reading this very informative outlook. It'll be very interesting to learn where this IT-based revolution and the jobs that will hopefully come with it is headed.


Thanks for highlighting the fast pace of change since the industrial revolution. There is no doubt the digital age will make a lot of jobs obsolete as new jobs get created. This means that we are training undergraduates today for positions that may not exist any more when they join the workforce. This translates possibly into a different education system for our undergraduates as the new generation has to be a lot more nimble and malleable. Eventually, it is this flexibility to cope with change that will determine if they thrive or not in the new age.

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