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March 09, 2009


Chris Ward

Lucky in a sense; but also strained a lot.

I believe the UK currently has no microprocessor manufacturing capability. IBM has capability; but it's in New York and Vermont.

So there's a 'resource specialisation' going on. Countries are short of technology items ... for the UK I think of the microprocessor manufacturing, also of the engineering capability to renew civil infrastructure such as bulk electricity distribution, and sewerage. Vertically-integrated corporations have the resources, somewhere in the world, and they are deployable on command of the corporation. Not of the country.

I was at Southampton University's Engineering Week event http://www.soton.ac.uk/schoolsandcolleges/activities/scienceweek/index.html today; the guy behind http://www.bloodhoundssc.com/ (an attempt to get to 1000mph in a land vehicle) was sending rocket-powered model cars around the campus, and telling us how he thinks he has lined up the funding (about $15M over 3 years) for the record attempt. But he says it's really being done for the spinoffs, the proposition that this will involve UK schools in science-technology-engineering-math opportunities.

The western world has a long way to climb out of its hole. What's the timescale for the corporation ? This quarter's sales figures, or survival over a timescale of a decade or more ?

It affects what the corporations should do for the next generation.


This is a very thought provoking article on several levels.

IMHO re-thinking institutions is THE challenge for a long-time to come whether it's businesses or the organizations that deliver education, healthcare, energy, etc. Or really get big picture and talk about re-regulating markets, Social Security, etc.

Having spent some time wrestling with these issues I just took a shot at pulling them together into an "on-going" work (as your latest post would have it) and would also suggest that the magnitude of the re-architecting is, if anything, much bigger and more urgent than you're putting.

Taking a whole enterprise perspective is a vital part of this effort but not something that management seems to take too naturally.

Tried to trackback this post but that didn't work so here's the url for my post if you don't mind:

You may find some food for thought on the enterprise and industry and beyond levels.

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