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March 16, 2009



Don't overlook the compelling power of how blogs are shared and distributed. Without the hyperlink and its inherent qualities of being always on, instantly available and thoroughly codified, those of us who, like me, had no obvious connection to you professionally, academically or otherwise, now have the benefit of your insight, however structured or unstructured it may be!


A thousand kites will fly, the blogger's kite will travel the farthest.


Irving - appreciate your thoughts. I've been a long-time intermittent reader (particular since we share IBM history and Ct residence). In fact your recent entry on re-thinking the organization's architecture resonated with me strongly and led to a major posting of my own. Since it's more directly linked to that post I'll try and comment there but having just tried to trackback to give credit where it's due the action failed as spam.

In any case keep on please.


Irving - Just keep blogging :-) Although I wouldn't mind buying and reading a book of yours. A fellow technologists and ex IBM'r.

Kevin Acocella

Nice post, Irving. Here's hoping you will find occasion to write about baseball sometime soon. I have enjoyed our discussions on the topic in our work together at IBM in the past (most notably discussion Pedro's signing while we stood in the shadows of Mare Nostrum).

I want to suggest you listen to an interesting podcast on developing and using some new analytics - in this case in the name of fantasy baseball research. I have a feeling you may like it.


Skip to the time of 23:10 in order to go straight to the segment I mention. Enjoy!

Vicki Flaherty

I'm just starting a blog and found your perspective very helpful. Thanks for sharing your insights. I'm looking forward to the clarity of thinking that weekly blogging will create for me, and to the blogging 'dialogue' that will refine and shape my ideas.

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