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July 21, 2008


Chris Ward

The mass-produced goods were only 'outclassing' as far as the showroom.
Mass-produced autos still sat (and still sit) for 120 days, on average, on dealer forecourts. We didn't automate the selling process the way we automated the manufacturing process.

And when we buy them ... when they quit being 'For Ford Internal Use Only' (or whatever corporation owns them in the showroom) and start being 'Have A Lot of Fun', as OpenSuSE proclaims when you first log in ... then they are all different, supporting us in our different approaches to 'Life, liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness'. We do all approach that differently, I hope ?

Some of them get wrecked on the way home. Not many, but some.

With the Internet, we may be in the days of 'Mass Customisation'. There are (I think) about 5 versions of Microsoft Windows Vista, varying from Home Basic to Business Everything. But there are about 3000 varieties of Linux, and 5 new ones being released every day.
No OS/2, of course. That's obsolete.

What's good, and what's bad, about this flowering ?

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