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July 28, 2008


Armen Hovanessian

Very interesting article and concept .. thx. I am always fascinated by how Complex – and evolving Engineering systems can be relevant to today's enterprises.

I tried connecting to Complex Engineering Systems link to IBM Almaden research lectures but could not access the 2007 Series … Only the 2008 was available:



For me working in Grid Computing (whatever this is ;-) and seeing how this new hype word "the Cloud" appears more and more often, it has been very interesting to see this reasoned clarification of some of the often blurry Cloud concepts. We are building a worldwide Grid to process Petabytes of scientific data at the LHC. What worries me about today's commercial Clouds, more than their current performance which for sure will improve, is their "darkness". Will we see an effort from these big guys like Amazon or Google in making their clouds interoperable? In my opinion, Grid, Cloud, whatever distributed computing you prefer, it is all about sharing and interoperate.

Harish Chauhan

Great article!!

I love computing World.


Dell have been attempting to trademark the term "Cloud Computing". See:



Clouds if properly utilized can bring a revolution in the way modern businesses operate. This infographic at Techchai.com tells everything a naive user would want to know about cloud computing.

Thys the online games man

Even thought he post and some of the comments were done some time ago, I am very impressed by the "vision" of the post.

I am glad that many of the technologies and especially the amazing ones from the big guns online (amazon, google and friends) are proving to be becoming more informative.

With the popularity of many of the web2.0 type sites increasing exponentially over the last few years, user interaction has brought in some much needed humand created information.

If a synergy between the big guys and the users are constantly being worked on, the internet in its totallity would be deliver on the bright eyed promises of a few years ago.

love it. everyone should always keep on contributing wherever they can to ensure that the positives of the internet come to the fore.

we are cloud

Great article. We found a great visual about cloud computing that I thought I'd share with you. Simple and informative, and easier on the eye than a long blog post: http://bit.ly/cZLjN3

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