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June 30, 2008


Pranab Sharma

Hi Irving,

I have been avid reader of your blog over the last year and I must compliment you for some really interesting insights.

I was very impressed with Innovator's dilemma and I have been an ardent admirer of Mr. Christenson's work. I plan to buy the book as soon as it is on stands.

With specific to Healthcare, I had worked very closely to develop the concept of the demonstrating the usage of virtual worlds for Healthcare. As part of that we coonceptualized and built the IBM Healthcare Island in Second Life. We launched it at HIMSS event in Orlando this February. The press release is here .

I believe technologies could potentially usher in a whole world of opportunity in Healthcare.

Finally, this is an invite for you to visit the Healthcare Island so I may introduce you to some ideas we have premiered there.

Pranab Sharma
aka Locutus Qi
also IBM Virtual Universe Community Guildmaster :-)

The comments here are my own and do not reflect the positions, strategies or opinions of any institutions I am affliated with.

Chris Ward

One of the hard things about 'healthcare' is that however hard we try, we seem unlikely to get humans to live to age 150. You can maybe delay the inevitable, but you cannot avert it for ever.

It's also worth looking at how different societies organise healthcare. In the UK, most healthcare is paid for by the public purse; certainly the UK Government has the long-term horizon you speak of, and a motivation to keep people healthy; but we don't think things are ideal here either.
You tend to get an 'infinite demand' if you offer healthcare at a zero price; you cannot reasonably draw in private capital if you're not going to allow profit-seeking behaviour; and http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/7361150.stm in this model the hospitals don't have 'warranty' responsibility to you or to your insurance company .

So, how do we automate and mechanise ? Is it like getting hard disks out of the research lab and onto the production line ? I helped with that one when IBM was selling disk storage at $9000/gigabyte; now IBM buys in disk storage at something like 25 cents/gigabyte.

There must be scope.

Jeff Bhavnanie

I'm not able to get the audio on the lecture. Any chance of it being available for download in MP4 format?

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