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June 23, 2008



I think America could learn a lot from Norway.
Imagine if corporate America did what Norway did,

This month (march), Norway set a new global record. It now has, at 40%, the highest proportion of female non-executive directors in the world..

I blogged about it here.



Did you know 37% of all statistics are made up on the spot? I stopped reading once you said 24 of the Fortune 1000 companies are run by women. The argument seemed biased from that point on.

Were you aware that the percentage of woman in the workforce is significantly lower than that of men in general? I think that's pretty important to note in regards to the percentage of females in the TOP position.

To prove anything of value you'd need to know the number of applicants for those positions who are female vs those who are male.

I think the problem with sexism AND racism is we haven't let those issues GO. We've let them linger because we keep arguing over whether or not it still exists and how much of a problem it is.

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