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April 07, 2008




As always, highly enlightening post.

With respect to "conceptualizing not just the capabilities of the hospital, bank or store, but also the experience that we want their clients, employees and everyone else to have when dealing with them", I would call this the next logical step to extending outside-in-thinking.

We need look beyond the immediate customers and the entire eco-system while developing solutions. This requires change in our mindset to take a more holistic approach to designing solutions.


Chris Ward

You'll have to go speak to your Congress about it.

From down in the trenches, it feels like 'Gold Rush' time, like California in 1849. All sorts of people are coming in to stake their claim to 'open source', and attempting to stop other people 'stealing the gold' where they are panning.

In the real Gold Rush, the money wasn't made from gold. It was made by people who had enough eggs to sell for good prices to starving miners.

Fortunes were made and lost; eventually the West was won, and America got on with the business of Business.

How are we doing ? Who's going to help mine the 'rich seam' that is all the software that universities have written since the dawn of the Personal Computer era ?

Who's going to bring it to market, find customers who want to buy because they want to use it ?

Opportunity is knocking. Is it time to invest in groring the market yet ?

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