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March 31, 2008


Satwik Seshasai

Thanks for the post, Irving - I'd love to see the presentation that you reference. What are some of the new business models that you see emerging for consumers of cloud computing (most interestingly, small businesses). There are many new opportunities for a small business given the availability of business services in the cloud, what are some of the first ones you expect to see emerge in the next two years?

Michael Saunby

As a developer who has been playing with Amazon's S3 and EC2 web services I'd say that what made it interesting to me was the scalability, but what made it possible was Amazon's pricing. I only pay for what I use, there's no monthly charge, so I can do a few experiments and it only costs a few dollars.

stephen baker

Very interesting post. I'd love to hear how you think cloud computing will affect scientific research. Will it help break down the barriers between disciplines?

Miguel Angel Rubio

Very interesting and useful post.

Craig Lee

To Stephen Baker:

I've heard people say they've done comparisons with, for example, EGEE and concluded that it's still cheaper than Amazon EC2/S3. I know this comparison is hard to do based how the actual components are evaluated. Hence, I'd be interested in other opinions about such comparisons. Of course, the issue is TCO vs. ease of use for the individual or small project.

Herbert A. Lowe

In the 1970’s when the price of mainframe computers were in the millions of dollars, it made economic sense for a service oriented business to offer “time slices” on this expensive computing platform to large numbers of smaller companies. In today’s tough economic climate, there is no valid reason for a business to utilize “outsourced” cloud computing services when they have a supercomputer lying dormant on their employee’s desktops. The average personal computer is only used five percent of the time. By repurposing these idle CPU cycles, memory and disk drives, two hundred personal computers with Core Duo or similar processors, can provide the computational power of a supercomputer. Any CIO, or CEO, who knows this very simple fact would be hard pressed to rationalize spending even a penny on an outsourced external cloud. One innovative company in this market segment is Mobile Agent Technologies (www.agentos.net). It is worth a visit to their website as they are also involved with automating the human decision making process. Tell them Herb sent you.

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Tim Youngblood

I'm pleased to see your consideration of cloud computing as an enabler of both scale and innovation with regard to applications. So many 'hardware focused' perspectives are flooding the consciousness online limited to pure CAPEX vs. OPEX arguments. Similar to focusing on how your new hybrid vehicle works under the hood and ignoring the savings on fuel, impact on the environment, etc; that is what we really care about as users. Where does the cloud take us?

If you look at where this is taking innovation, there are two new abilities that have been exciting many companies and organizations for some time now: one is the ability to create applications that are of a new level of sophistication thanks to the API cloud, the second being the ability to go from zero to the first line of code in a matter of minutes thanks to the runtime cloud.

Perhaps we need to split our definition of cloud computing into the soft cloud and the hard cloud. The hard cloud enables the soft cloud and while the hard cloud may be exciting to the bean counters, it is the soft cloud that will truly change the world.

Jeff Paul Big League Players Club

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