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September 09, 2005


Denver Fletcher

talent, investment, and infrastructure, huh? I dunno, it just seems like it's a bit too .. reductionist, for my tastes. Like the talented are just lying around passively waiting to be somehow *connected* with this investment and infrastructure I talentlessly prepared earlier, and ... what? Nirvana? Or just better mousetraps? Hell, me, I'd settle for better tv programming.

But isn't it the talented that already have the investment (well, in any capitalist country ... i.e. none of them in existence today) and the talented who pay for the infrastructure, and it's the talentless that band together and take it off them in the name of their utopian visions-of-the-future du jour?

Do they really need another one? And do you really need to tie it emotionally to Katrina? Does that really seem like a good idea?

How to unleash America's capacity for innovation? Oh, go on, saddle her with a multi-trillion dollar War On Everything(TM*), 9 billion pages of IRS code, and a humbug guilt complex. That'll do it ... don't you think?

... but the people I really worry about are the ones who manufacture the visions-of-the-future that others ride to electoral glory ...

Here in New Zealand our own crop of social engineers have what they call a Digital Strategy, which is basically another pretext to take (more) money away from the talented and disperse it amongst the talentless. (I have a digital strategy, too. It consists of raising the middle digit of my right hand in their faces. But I digress.) *Their* mantra is "Content, Confidence, & Connectivity". Is there some kind of template they use to write these things? Did they pay you for it? Go on, you can tell me ...

(* WoE & The War on Everything are TradeMarks of the World Domination Corporation, 2000-2005)

Martin Moderi

Dr. Wladawsky-Berger, your comments are, as usual, timely and insightful - particularly those highlighting the need to increase our capacity for innovation, and to focus that innovation on better preparation and a more agile response to our changing world. Our country cannot afford to squander any of our talent - we must seek out and create opportunities to develop the brightest minds in our midst - especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds and those requiring retraining after job loss. Innovative ideas don't only come from entrepreneurs.

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