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September 06, 2005


David Martin

What I find most interesting about this article is how much of what we set out to accomplish with both the Internet (n.b. ARPAnet) and the World-Wide-Web is still being actively pursued. The emergence of blogs, Wikis and other techniques are all attempts to achieve the vision of a collaborative community process to creating and leveraging knowledge.

If we look forward, based on where we have been, the developments around the Semantic Web (e.g. RDF, OWL, XML) are part of this on-going effort. Adoption of these techniques for encoding and sharing knowledge are the key enablers to achieve our vision and are direct responses to the initial efforts -- and the complexity that emerged on top of those efforts -- for broader utilization by the general public. For example, in the early days it was relatively easy to create a web site, write HTML and edit it as appropriate to share knowledge w/ colleagues. As the complexity of HTML and site management grew and the tooling became similarly complex, the ability to utilize a web site as a blog [sic] became increasinly problematic.

When you consider the full requirements to instantiate the vision, you see needs to link knowledge sharing into the daily activities of individuals, e.g. linking into your email system to share selected messages, or linking it into the file system to share certain documents, or linking into the browser to share certain web sites -- and associated insights from those sites.

I expect to see the next-generation of computing environments more directly connected to the collaborative vision. For example, portals and rich client environments that provide a single-integrate operational environment for interaction with messages, file systems, databases, etc.. will provide means to easily and quickly annotate and share knowledge.

My $0.02.

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