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September 15, 2005


Antony Alappatt

I agree with you. The business process revolution is one of the greatest challenges. This has been a issue i have been pondering for the last few years (After a very challenging ERP implementation). I have come to a conclusion or opinion that we are in this situation because of the way we have approached computing. The business process is about coordination and hence we should be using coordination/communication as the primitive rather than algorithm. What do you think?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Antony, I could not agree more. The Internet style of computing is all about composition, coordination and , communications, which is why it is so flexible. The business applications that implement business processes have been written in "classic" programming styles, which are way too monolithic and static. The move to Service Oriented Architectures and Web Services promises to let us decompose business processes into modular components, which can then be composed using the Internet style of building systems. That would then make designing and changing processes much more flexible than the situation today.

Antony Alappatt

I would like to advance it one more level deeper. My belief is that SOA and Web Services are a good way to tie to existing computing infrastructure. Shouldn't we even change the way we look at programming. Instead of using algorithms to code business process why don't we use interactions as the basic fundamental. I.e composing interactions as the fundmental rather than composing algorithms.Create process by composing interactions rather than algorithms. I thihk there is already mathematics which do this.

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