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August 18, 2022


Alberto Gimenez

Very good reflexions. I am missing some comments about the role media and technology (social networks) are playing.

Bill McNee

Thanks for sharing this Irving. Largely agree with the core premise. However, I guess I’m fundamentally an optimist and view the past 15 years mostly as a reaction to the forces that were unleashed by globalization. This was bound to happen. And though it does appear we could be entering a period of two or three dominant trading blocks, I can’t help but think that the underlying forces and shifts unlocked by globalization will continue unabated or even accelerate even across a variety of (largely hi-tech based) services - ie, remote telemedicine. What gives me this confidence is talking to many in the next generation who completely reject the reactionary threads we’re living with today! They’re the ones who will untangle the mess we are in today!

Yolanda L Comedy

The world is complex and I believe we have to work a lot harder for change than we initially imagine. Not all things related to globalization are good but the urgency and complexity of global problems demands global solutions that cannot be accomplished by nation states alone. Before giving up on globalization we should work to solve its weaknesses first. More people need to benefit and inequality needs to drastically decrease. We have to be much more open to the fact that globalization doesn’t need to be synonymous with westernization. Additionally, I think the divergence is often caused by people pushing back on change and unfortunately their inability to find their place in a changing world.

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