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September 19, 2020


Franz  J. Walkow

Thanks Irving, I appreciated the synopsis , very interesting. My dream in life was to retire and buy a sailboat. Thanks to my spouse, Janis, who has great leadership skills, it became a goal with a schedule. i.e. retire at 50 , with a 30 yr old pension plan retirement from IBM.
Which WE did, and it kept us very active and busy for 10 years.
Post sailing, we traveled on "other peoples" boats, and then did the RV thing with a goal of visiting Yellowstone and 120 other national parks, that was achieved in one year. Then we took trips to visit relatives in Germany and Poland to connect with our lineage. So now we cruise along with thousands on the big ships. We have started flying to other places and ending the cruises in our home port of Fort Lauderdale. Unfortunately, Janis is now battling lung cancer, so that is a trip all in itself. Stage two, surgery, chemo and radiation later, we are recovering but it is tough going. Hope you are well.

Franz J. Walkow

OOPS that is 10 national parks in one year, not 120 !

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