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June 13, 2020


elena fernandez

Great recommendations from 20 to a few key ones focused on the economy actors such as employees, stakeholders, supply chain leaders, and the innovation leader in the digital economy space. I still worry about the healthcare system offering protection to the poor & minorities who can't afford to get sick. and the "hit" service and travel industries have suffered such as small shops, restaurants and hotels. there is much to be said about improving the quality of ventilation and air systems to create a clean environment for these activities. and until a vaccine arrives, these businesses will suffer. Welcome environmental engineers & even architects who will be required to install and refurbish outdated ventilation systems to make indoors safe again. Just like populations at risk of hurricanes and earthquakes, the entire world now has to focus on planning ahead for a pandemic risk beyond just COVID-19. Let's definitely learn from this crisis as you quote Irving. Thanks for this piece.

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