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October 22, 2018


Bud Byrd

AI seems great for production, productivity, but what happens to demand when people are displaced with machines? Paint me a little bit Luddite, but I don’t see our education, training or financial support systems moving at a pace to handle those burdened by AI displaced skills, limited job prospects. Nor have I seen a plan to handle the displacement of so many current, locked-in by education, skills and experience, workers. We can cavalierly sweep away current jobs and assume that people will select new college courses of study, retrain, follow new career paths in the future. But, there is no plan, that I have seen, to bridge the gap between now and the future job market. So, with technology driving the bus, it is quite likely that we will be in productivity mode with little thought given to the demand curve and those people who supply the demand. Assuming that demand will follow production seems to be backwards to me. It is time that we put a large portion of the bright minds that bring us orders of magnitude improvements in technology into studying, improving and bridging the chances for all people (now people and future people) to reap the benefits of improving productivity. AI improved productivity must include a human factor.

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