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May 15, 2017


James Drogan

Paradox of Progress is a product, at least in part, of a constantly changing set of preferences and capabilities of that strongest, yet most fragile component of the global system -- the human.

Defining the capabilities required to deal with each of the three scenarios seems to me of paramount importance.

What consideration is being given to this issue?


Mitch Anthony

What is striking about this summary is the complete and total ignorance of the concept of ownership. As long as less than 1% of the population owns a majority of the earth's resources the "paradoxes" will only multiply. We've reached a turning point in our evolution. Technological gain will continue to serve us only if we figure out how to distribute and share the wealth we make. I'd add an eighth trend and list it first: "The lower and middle classes notice that they are being dealt out of the game."

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