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July 26, 2016


Debashish Brahma.

Dear Sir,
It is a brilliant piece of post.In a country like India with 1300 Mn people, we will really face a huge problem.
I must say we are all worried about this AI, be it Bill Gates, Musk,or Prof .Hawkings all are warning the huge progress of AI. It's very much like a fiction of H.G.Wells , Frankestine , come true. Recently I read a report that 60% of all the researches about AI is done in India, Ms. Sandy Canter from IBM , U.S. came to India and said this in Bangalore.
On the other hand, some futurists are thinking that this can be a game changer and can make people smarter. According to some predictions, the Global GDPs 95% will be produced by robots and 5% will be by Human. It will be a massive GAME CHANGER.

Thanks You With Warm Regards,

Debashish Brahma from Calcutta -India.

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