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September 22, 2015



And the next step in this evolution will be "Mark Jacobs" designed user-experience across a portfolio of devices, e.g. the Hermes Apple Watch product, which is a band as well as software for accompanying watch face and "complications."


Hello Irving, I trust this e-mail will find you well! I am sorry we were out of touch after the lunch of NYU CUSP!

Hello Irwing, Great Summary!

I like very much Don Norman appeal for Emotional (empathy based design). I also very much appreciate Dr. Gharajedaghi (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jamshid_Gharajedaghi) continuing efforts in bridging Integrative Systems Thinking with Systems Dynamics and Emotional Design.

I had recently met with Sandra Kerney (your AA @ IBM) and we were discussing the idea of inviting you to Villanova for an informal IBM Reunion since Dr. Gharajedaghi had also started at IBM.
I will follow up with you in an e-mail?
Thank you,

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