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March 17, 2015


Bill Tetzlaff

David Patterson started some related wotk two years ago, with a NIH grant, to merge genomic data, with clinical recoreds system history, and cancer treatment options used, and data mine it. The idea is to better understand Cancer, and the treatment regeim success, based on personal history, medical history, and genomic data. I find it very intregueing. He is on a sabatical this year, so I have not run into him at UC Berkeley, and don't know what he is up to during the sabatical. I agree that this is an area with great potential.

As a Computer Scientist, I am embarassed, that all the doctors I talk to find that medical records systems are slowing them down. Partly, and I know because I watch them, they are poorly designed. Better HCI would help. The real value will come when data mining has been used to evaluate alternatives, and doctors can be given suggestions for treatment, and back them up with statistics on alternatives used on similar parients.

Pasquale Di Cesare

I think the real challenge is to get “we”, as educated individuals and society, possibly empowered by the analytics tools which technology will provide, realizing the need to really take ownership of our health, either because we want it or because the entire “sick-care” system is likely to hit a wall in terms of sustainability and even solvency. The system looks “sick” today, prevention is poorly supported, medical education is incredibly lacking fundamentals such as nutrition and lifestyle and costs are exploding. When we will realize the importance of being our own health advocates the pressure on the system to improve will be higher and we will stop delegating our health to pharmaceutical industry interests, lobbyists and too many individuals keeping the “status-quo” even between the best and most dedicated MD’s. Maybe only then the promises of the next frontier in medicine will be met. As often the case, it is rather a question of people rather than technology.

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