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December 16, 2013


Mark Montgomery

Very nice work Irving

vinnie mirchandani

Irving, some other thoughts on enterprise adoption lag in my post below


Bud Byrd

Irving, let's take you and I as an example. Here we are conversing on a subject each with our own set of facts and opinions. Each of us is able to express his thoughts without threat, one to the other, except maybe that one may have an opinion of the others credibility, knowledge, genuineness in the discussion. Each of us is an address on the other end of the Internet. One may have a wider experience and knowledge base, a greater public persona than the other, but we are able to communicate on a one-to-one basis. There is little to fear other than one electronic address (individual) may embarrass him or herself in the demonstration of his knowledge, opinions and writings.

Now, let's take you and I in our past business relationship ...you at a very senior level within the corporation, me much further down the hierarchy. Could we have had the same level of communications via corporate social media? Maybe if we had otherwise become business or socially acquainted, but not generally speaking in the course of our daily business lives.

The failure of the communication aspects within the corporation will stand as long as the military form of management-employee relationships exist within the organization structure. In the old Armonk CHQ building, I was just down the hall from Lou's office, never once did I pop into his office to share a bit of business wisdom with him. Nor, for that matter did I pass anything along electronically. Rightly or wrongly, there were perceived consequences to the brashness of such interaction. The perception was not for positive results. Aside from perception and hierarchical hurdles, there was also the gate-keeping of layers of management, Lou's executive secretary, administrative assistants and executive assistant. All this in a company that, we would both agree, was a leader in recognizing the management open-door policy, the value of the Internet, business and social communications.

When you move from our company to others that I have had the opportunity to observe, it is understandable that traditional corporations would be falling behind enlightened management, younger companies, in younger economies. You and the Deloitte study authors are absolutely right. To become able to effectively compete, we must get ourselves, our companies, governments, and/or other organizations to a technology base and communications comfort level equivalent to or greater than the level that we as individuals currently display in our personal social interactions.


Traditional methods of exports/imports / local economies growths perhaps reached their peaks in delivering performance. Monetary and fiscal policies have failed in perform in India/other economies in controlling inflation/deflation/recession etc. Millions of tonnes of materials have moved from this part of the earth to another for value additions. Perhaps similar quality nations have to market themselves and not the commodities. Once the Nations market themselves; the economics shall open up 1000 times for each other and that shall lay the foundation for growth for next 50 years.

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