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December 03, 2012


Hank Bennett

A good post Irving! I think that much more of our infrastructure needs upgrading, and beginning this now would be a very good way to create jobs and put people back to work. We need to repair and upgrade our highways. We need to put in place a high-speed rail system across the entire country. We need to put our power distribution lines and communication lines underground where they will not be taken out by falling trees. We need to develop alternative energy resources that do not emit copious amounts of CO2. All of these things being done would be an enormous economic stimulus that would have our economy booming in no time. All we need is to find the political will!

Hansueli Maerki

Well written Irving and as a Swiss, I must admit to be deeply disappointed sometimes about my favored country beyond my own.
And as Hank wrote above, it is not just the Internet or the lack of broadband. I think the fact that Corporate HQ's such as SwissRe or IBM in Armonk could be without power from a utility for several days is unthinkable in my little country and if the US really would like to start using alternative energy sources such as solar, wind and others, it will need a smart grid. And it is not very smart yet if it can fail to deliver power for days. Of course everyone who can and must afford has a diesel generator like back in the early 20ies before powerlines started to be built. It is amazing how little attention the national infrastructure gets and certainly a key reason for falling behind in Global Competitiveness!

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