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June 18, 2012


lynda rosemark

Just superbly written Irving! Although I was not able to attend
the reunion I have all those same feelings you described just
from being involved in the online "chat"! I guess what we
fear most about ourselves is the unknown! Lynda

Lloyd Graff

Irving, I love your talent for synthesizing big globs of stuff into perfect nuggets. The reunion was a wonderful event, surpassing my expectations by several lengths. It turned out to be the milepost I had hoped for.

To my surprise and delight, my wife who passed up her own reunion really enjoyed U High's. She made acquaintances that we hope to convert into friends. The yahoo chat had stripped a lot of the preliminary drivel out of the conversation and allowed people to connect much more easily than we would have without the groundwork.

I consider you a new friend and hope to see you in Late August in New York or earlier if you get to Chicago.

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