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June 20, 2011


Jeff Aronson

Dr. Wladawsky-Berger, I am always impressed by the scope of your understanding of what makes the world around us work. And, I find you have an uncommon ability to use your understanding of what makes our world work to look forward and predict what could become a reality in our near and distant future.

You and everyone else can only build upon the foundation of what you know and what you imagine. Keeping that in mind, I would like to add to the base of knowledge from which you build upon by introducing you to a patent pending portfolio of computing architecture, processes, programming and devices which together, among many other things, will completely integrate the “people component” into computing. Use of the components of this innovative portfolio will allow the citizens of Chile to have access to high quality computing-based services and resources, both of which could be provided by the Government and by others at affordable costs.

Proper implementation of the integration of the people component into computing should provide every individual on the planet with enormous benefits which cannot be derived from our current computing resources as they are now configured.

The components of the portfolio use readily available computing devices and programming to provide each individual with any required level of safety, security, and privacy while computing. This includes providing each individual with the ability to have absolute safety, security, and privacy for their personal and private computing activities and resources.

The previous feature makes it possible for each individual to safely, securely, and privately: collect, store, process, and use to their own benefit, the individual’s own personal and private data and information.

In addition, architecture from the portfolio easily provides each individual with the highest level of computing mobility that can ever be attained.

So, after you confirm the accuracy of what I write and add it to the resources upon which you build, then you could inform Dr. Flores of the good news, the news that all of the people of Chile can look forward to a Modernization of the State that will soon provide completely unexpected benefits--benefits which will be derived from the integration of the people component into computing. These benefits include: absolute safety, security, and privacy for each individual’s personal or private computing activities; a public health care system that provides every needed computing-based health related resource and service for all; equal and enormous computing-based educational opportunities for all; and the highest attainable level of computing mobility to name just a few.

These benefits could be provided to not only every resident of Chile, but also to every resident of the world. (All of these benefits and many, many, many more are provided in a remarkably simple manner, a simple manner that will completely do away with the unbelievably complex environment that has always plagued computing.)

Tony Guarisco

Cloud Computing ushers in new possibilities, but is not more than a major innovation. It is simply a continuation of the 20th Century’s most radical innovation—the transistor and its progeny—the Computing Machine.

While I am in awe of the advance, what has been brought forth still remains a sophisticated prosthesis. No matter how far the technology has gone,it has not dealt with the emotionality of human beings.

Competition will be irrelevant when satisfaction become a commodity. No one is working on this.

There is no such thing as information, professor. The power of the the internet is still the coordination of actions in networks of conversations.

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