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June 07, 2010



In particular I would like to see the U.S. Media being held to account for the greater good of society. Seems the on going fight has caused journalism to lose sight of the importance of the facts and the truth . Reading some of the coverage of current events is like entering a twilight zone of alternative reality.


"But I believe that the vast majority of Tea Party members resent the educational, economic and political advances made by women, blacks, Hispanics and other minorities over the past few decades, so concretely symbolized by the election of Barack Obama. They want to Take America Back from these upstarts who are now members of the establishment, and with whom they now have to share power."

The share of 20- and 30-somethings in the Tea Party movement is huge. I don't think they hold these views. Indeed, in your later blog post talking about millennials, you don't seem to think so either. Instead, I think they're rallying against the failings of socialism and the firm nudges back toward it. Look at the rate of expansion of social programs and the amount of state ownership of transportation and banking.

Sure, there's an unhealthy mix of birthers and hillbillies in the Tea Party mix. I suspect you'll find sophomoric would-be commies in the mix in any leftist movement of significant scale. I don't think either represents the majority, and casting them as such drowns some very important discussions about principles.

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