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May 10, 2010


Alvis Brigis

Nice post. Lots of great data. I wholeheartedly agree with your analysis of the system and the need to return to more customer-oriented businesses. It's a due shift.

I'd also suggest expanding the concept of a customer to that of a prosumer (producer + consumer), aka a customer that gives back to X extent. This seems like a logical next step that many companies, particularly social media and other data driven businesses, are already getting started on.


Keep up the great posting!


Important ideas articulately delivered. Thanks for raising the issue. It seems particularly appropriate in the tech industry, where I spend my time (as you have). It seems likely that the cash hoards some firms are sitting on will drive a new round of portfolio building for revenue accretion - as opposed to strategic value as defined by serving customers better. Let's hope not.


Very good points raised. I think short term thinking about business and investment performance has been a known issue for a long time. The problem is that executives are forced to manage for the short term according to investor desire, and the desires are primarily from large institutional investors. Their incentives and the incentives of most executives are aimed at short term performance. With their tenure of a few years and the tight interlacing of corporate boards, systemic support for longer term investing is not going to happen. Until we shift away from treating stock trading as gambling rather than an investment with a long term payoff, the overall system will continue to constrain corrective actions.

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Congratulations, you have written a "tipping point" article.... the term Customer-Centric Capitlism has a great ring to it. There has been so much talk over the years about Customer Centricity especially in the technology world of "CRM" or customer relationship management. Those of us in the field have watched what started out as lip-service to customer centricity, emerge as the aligning sense of purpose that could bring people together to overcome challenges and work together through conflict and obstacles.... to the benefit of the larger organization. BUT only if the organization took the care to nurture this spirit. In all too many cases, it died on the vine, as short term bonus-driven behavior took back the steering wheel... the crazy world of Dilbert.

By taking it all the way to the underlying system of capitalism, amplifying the reach of the term: Customer Centric Capitalism Martin and Wladawsky have done the world a great service and brought the heart back to business.

Thank you both!

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