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February 22, 2010



Companies view the tools (e.g., facebook, twitter, etc.) as 'the problem' without understanding the root causes driving this technology and its adoption - how that can be used to make the company more innovative, more attractive for new talent, and all the other positive intangible benefits that drive market value. But this is symptomatic of those companies' inability to recognize and embrace trends, change, etc....they don't think critically or 'paradoxically' to understand what is really happening - instead of just the obvious or superficial.


I would agree here that there is "work" being done on social networking platforms on the Internet. A lot of companies are successfully marketing via MySpace or Facebook; MySpace, in particular, has enabled a lot of independent musicians to get exposure and sell CDs downloadable content and I think all things are at shopping online.


I work for a small family run Business and im also the webmasters for the company web site. When i started with this venture the last thing i wanted to do was start a marketing campaign using these social sites. But i decided to give it a go and the results were amazing to say the least.

anna smith

An informal company-internal network that fosters peer-to-peer learning, collaboration and innovation with great content and great context at its core would seem to be a strategic advantage. But not all corporate cultures are able to get their employees involved to make such a network successful.

Cy Tarsa

People want that feeling of community, that is what social networking is about. Sharing information and feeling that you've gotten that piece of insight from a friend rather than some cold search engine.

I'm really curious to see where Web 2.0 will take us, what's the next level. Where search engines will be replaced by... ?

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Although Social Networking sites were not created for business purposes and Internet Marketing, they have become a very big factor. You can't blame business for using a place with millions of people to market themselves.


I agree with a lot that is said in this post. I know that social media can be a god-send at times, but there is a growing problem with spam and other annoying tendencies by internet marketers. It definitely allows for more community, but could also be taking away from precious face to face time. People tend to be spending more time in front of computer screens, unfortunately.


I believe the value of Social Networking sites as a marketing tool has passed it's zenith. If you look at the history of Internet Marketing over the past 10 years, nearly every tool has an expiry date before it is overused and then ignored by those who it is aimed at. Twitter is a prime example of a service which is so overrun with spam that it's days as a credible tool are numbered.

Shannon - Directory Tasmania

As annoying as social networking can be, it has proven itself as the major vehicle for advertising and interacting with customers today. Its not going anywhere, it will eventually replace many traditional methods as the new generation will use nothing but these sites.

George Brown

It is amazing, as a guest speaker on this topic, there there are 2 ways that companies views social networking, either as a tool to increase sales, or as a tool to increase PR.

Now with Google doing more of it's indexing in the social networks, I see the problem being reputation management. I have a client who gets at least 5 e-mails a month with threats from customers who say they will post what happened to them on the social networks if they do not change their products, or fire an employee who gave them bad service etc. This could become a nightmare.

Ron Stone

I know these networks can help a business if used wisely but I doubt that businesses, particularly big businesses will ever truly embrace them. They just can't let go of their desire to watch over and control every minute of their employees' time. It's just in their nature and unlikely to change.


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I've seen so much abuse of social media since working with a lot of internet marketers the past two years. What businesses need to realize is that these platforms were not created for them to market through. You get such a better response if you use them as they were intended...to socialize. Help as many people as you can that are targeted towards your business and you will see more traffic then you can imagine to your business

Nate Harker

I own a service business and I've had great success with a Facebook page. If you can get a decent amount of people to "like" your page, everyone in each of their friend network sees it and you start getting free word of mouth so to speak.

Vince Ammon

Social networking is really powerful. Twitter alone can get your business and its message in front of a lot of people quickly. Just make sure you tweet interesting stuff 70% of the time, and business related info only 30% or people will quit following you.

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Businesses can not afford to ignore social networks, this is the internet all over again. I remember when businesses felt like they didn't need to have an internet presence 10-15 years ago. As a small business owner myself I've used Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to drive business with much success.

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Business social networks are growing fast but don't get the publicity or the readership of Facebook or YouTube. LinkedIn is a good example of a business social network and is an excellent way of creating your own mailing list to keep your audience up to date with your products and services.

Internet Home Business Travis

No doubt, social media offers many powerful marketing tools. I have had the most success using social sites to promote my online businesses and websites, as these are Global in scale. I have not had as explosive results within my local businesses, although I have received work out of the blue from customers who made good comments about me on social sites. In either case, people use social media to communicate, and that is exactly where us marketers want to be.

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Social Networking Sites are beneficial both for the company and the employees.The company can use these sites to market their product and increase their Sales. Employees will also see access to Social Networking Sites as incentive - a privileged given by the companu thus promoting good employee and employer relationship. I think the key is moderation.

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Social Networking just like any tools, has it's pros and cons.The right usage of this tools is the key to a successful campaign. We view social media as a way to connect with friends and not clients and that is where I think we did wrong. We need to view this media as an opportunity to introduce our business and not our personal lives. That way, we can drive potential clients to our business. I know you'll say "easier said than done", but we need to remember that venturing to any business involves risk and in my opinion enjoying your work even with the risk is the main key to succeeding in any business.

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I certainly agee with the point in the Economist article surrounding 'threat to corporate wealth'.

Email is a more deliberate form of communication whereas using the quick social media channels, people often say things without really thinking, plus they're one to many rather than one-to-one, so once information is out there, it can spread rapidly.

Companies embracing social media really do need to have good policies in place for such usage.

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The fear of companies that their staff might broadcast politically incorrect comments is truly absurd. Social networks are everywhere nowadays, employees can even access it when they're on the go using their mobile phones equipped with WIFI! So there is really no stopping them if they want to have their opinions read and found on the social networks.

I believe that these companies need to embrace what technology has done to our times now. It can even be a great way to show how open minded a company is if they train their employees on what their responsibilities and obligations are than stopping them to be responsible employees.

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