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February 01, 2010


Account Deleted

Dear Irving,

Great posting! I think you should also take into account the culture of company to be ready to innovate.



Great post, Irving. You are always prescient. However, I do wonder how you jump ahead in the calendar. This page is dated January 31, but today is January 29.


"We sometimes forget that disruptive innovations are indeed disruptive..."

I find it incredible when sometimes people will tell me that their company is well aware of the disruption and that they can deal with it. Well, probably not. Disruptive technologies disrupt!

You can see the train wreck ahead of you, and you will still slam into it. That's what few people/companies realize.

Look at all the companies and people disrupted by PC technologies. IBM barely survived, it had to reinvent itself from a computer company to a computer services company.

Often, you can't change fast enough, you can't downsize fast enough, you can't change your company culture fast enough, you can't shift to the new business model, you slam into the train wreck. That's what's happening to many media companies and there's not a whole lot they can do, or will be able to do. The Internet is a media technology and that's where the disruption is being seen.

And the dirty little secret is that, now, every company is a media company. Every company is in the path of disruption, whether it makes diapers or publishes newspapers.


Dear Irving.
I'm a ardent believer of your ideas, from outside US.
I have red your post and I can follow a lot your positions but I fully disagree with the results of some IBM transformation.
You wrote an excellent post on last january'2009: "leadership in a time of crisis". Virtual and matritial organisation are being a disaster in IBM. This is just the big barrier against the leadership, against the innovation, against the smarter talent. This type of organisation is working in favour of the operational management, all the time the top managers asking for results, asking for figures, asking for short time business.
Do you know what is the friction index in a organisation ?. Anyway, IBM organisation has a terrible friction index !!, So, it's time to change that organisation and maybe..... some people on top.

Yunzhi Yang

I'm interested in the marketing and communication part. It's good to know and confirm that both internal and external communication are important to the survival and business of corporations, also it's effective to use an external to build an internal communication, like the case shared. I am impressed by the innovation and strategy IBM has made in the past decade. Thanks for sharing the post. Great post as always.

Santhosh Raviendranath

Dear Mr Irving,
I completely agree with you that "Often, the transformations are needed because the business is in crisis"

I have understood from my own experience that organizational structure will change and become more virtual in the future. Nice to read your detailed post on this topic.

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