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June 22, 2009


Chris Ward

I put an article on "developerWorks" http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/linux/library/l-bluegene/index.html which is squarely in the 'Knowledge Domain'. (Sam P is the 'payer', he is paying because he wants to sell computers; and it will take significant investment from other participants to bring value from it into the 'care domain' ... I don't think we will ever see IBM-branded pills and potions available for sale in your local pharmacy).

So I see what you see.

But there's big squabbles over allocation and ownership of capital, which presently-practising engineers and aspiring next-generation engineers have no control over. In a sense it's about the age-old question of 'how do you persuade someone else to do something'; in this case the 'someone' is a teenager, and the 'something' is 'study engineering at college'.

Is that a desirable process for the USA at this stage in its development as a country, some 233 years after its formation ?

And if so, how will you approach it ?

Pedro Ornelas

"He said that key to value creation is paying for results and outcomes, not procedures." -> That's a very old idea, and one of the ideas responsible for the current crisis we're on: short term incentives, specially based on company profit!

That's an obvious remark: if you can't control the processes, at least try to control the outcomes. But the main problem is still the measurement of an intangible value.


hehe, very glad to see your blog, I always find some news about MIT, missing the life in MIT.

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