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August 11, 2008


Brian O'Donovan

> You need to transition from being a manager to being a leader.

I heard a recent lecture in which the lecturer gave the opinion that most organizations have too many leaders and not enough managers. His opinion was that the top people in the organization need to show leadership, but the middle level people need simply to be managers carrying out the vision of the leaders at the top and having too many people with "leadership ambitions" caused tension in the organization.

I am not sure what to think of this opinion. I suspect that he was simply being provocative. What do you think?

Frank Paolino

I tend to think of innovation as being driven by a monomaniac, to use Tom Peters' term. If this monomaniac and his vision is right, then he can lead a team to build and deliver the innovation. Large organizations tend to discourage people with obsessive personalities. Once this person has obsessed about a new innovation, then a team can help bring it to life, and large organizations become a very good thing, in terms of refinement and of course market exposure.

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