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May 19, 2008



Hiya Irving!

I can't believe you no longer work for IBM!!! Last time I corresponded at you - "at" being deliberate as you never replied - I mentioned how impressed I was with your many patents, and that I would use your example as an inspiration for my future success. Sadly it didn't work out exactly as planned, but then it rarely does, does it Irving! Ha ha ha. Anyway, I'm off the Methadone now and back in the game! I hope to be promoted to Assistant Tether Supervisor at my local Wal-Mart soon! What with Tethers and Shuttlesmiths to contend with, you'll agree that this is a big step and a highly competitive arena into which I intend to perform!

I digress however. My main purpose in adding my two cents worth to your amazing "Interwebbal Blogification Portal" is to simply point out that the first line of your article re: 2008 IBM Global CEO Study, inadvertently (I hope) the word “year” or “years” has been displayed as "yeas" (sic).

Now this is either purely a spelling mistake (by way of omission of the letter “R”) if the original intent was to display "years", however if the intent was in fact for the reader to experience "Year" then I would amicably advise that this is perhaps a spelling error and a grammatical fault! let us prey for your outstanding reputation that is the former! A typo' we can forgive but a grammatical error as well..? Well Irving, let's just say that friendship can only stretch so far! Ho ho ho.

Well Irving, that's all I wanted to add for now. Keep up the good works and thank you once again for the inspiration. Keep on patenting you parenting legend!



Hi Irving

I also remember you as an inspirational figure from my time at IBM. well i think that's what steve is saying.

I also remember Steve, i recall him being a less than inspirational figure, especially when he was on the hard stuff. Chasing the dragon, pelting the badger and sometimes even going so far as to punch the monkey. But it looks like he’s got himself back on track now and hopefully people will forgive him for all the lives he’s ruined.

Now I can’t say that I understand what you’ve written in your blog, to be fair I can’t really say that I’ve read it. But I do know that it must be some good stuff.

Keep up the good work.


Ade McCormack

This report has thrown up some interesting themes. Innovation ranks highly as does talented people and technologies that can disrupt business models. The market turbulence is causing many to segue into a cost-focussed mindset. This study suggests that such a move would be unwise. In fact successful organisations going forward will be those that have a boardroom ready CIO who is focused on innovation and has the skills and charisma to attract and retain short-supply tech talent.

I discuss this further in my new book The IT Value Stack (http://www.itvaluestack.com). Let me know if you would like a review copy.

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